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Sometimes there are times when I think certain things just need to be said. Maybe that is why I write this blog. I am not sure who reads it or if it really means anything to anyone, but it helps me to put my thoughts down in a tangible form. At least I know that it is out there and maybe it will blow in the pathway of someone who will benefit from it.

I am the first to admit that life is not easy. It has ups and downs, trials and tribulations, milestones, and failures. We all start in different places, have different experiences, and make different choices. We have special traits that are hard-wired in us, and things that are nurtured (or not) by those around us. We have moments of strength and times of weakness. We are human. We are sinners. We have unanswered questions and some answers we don’t like to admit that we know. We are complex beings and understanding ourselves is a difficult task. Understanding one another is even harder.

All of us have inner battles that only we may know exist. Some of us live our entire lives in denial of these battles. Some blame others for their existence. Some are aware of them, but are unsure where to start. Some won’t even attempt the fight and others will try over and over, hoping for success.

These battles are not the fault of our parents, spouses, friends, or lack thereof. If we want to, we can try to pretend these battles are not our problem. We can keep them secret, hold them close, and try to not let anyone see that they are there. We can shut the people out that ask too many questions, or challenge us to fight the battle we want to avoid or deny. We may find many addictions, some positive and some negative, as a means to deal or attempt to forget the battle is real. The battle is not the addiction. The battle is reason the addiction is there. It does not go away until we admit to ourselves that it exists and we alone are responsible for its outcome.

These inner battles surface throughout our lives. They are a part of our growth. Everyone has them and everyone will find themselves on the battleground. Nothing will make the fight easier. Many people will fail. Many will give in. Some will wait for someone else to fight their battle, but no person can fight another person’s war, even despite the greatest of love and the hardest of effort.

I do believe that we all have the tools we need to be successful in our battles. God would not give us more than He knows that we can handle. That doesn’t mean it will be an easy fight. Those successful at winning their battle will likely say that it was the most difficult challenge they ever faced in their lifetime. They will also say that it was one of the most rewarding.

There are many things that make life worth acknowledging and fighting our inner battles. Whatever you’re fighting, know that you have what it takes to win, and only you and you alone can do it.