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Whoever invented the phrase, “when you can’t beat them, join them” definitely knew what it was like to raise children.

I am an organized, clean and tidy person by nature. I like everything to have its place. I understand that this is not always the case when having children around, but I generally manage to maintain a sense of controlled chaos.

Not today.

My house looks like something blew up.

I have wet underpants from my toddler twins (who are yet to go potty in the potty) piling in the bathroom sink. Rubber pants hanging on hooks all over my laundry room. Laundry… yes, that’s spilling out of the dryer onto the floor. It’s clean laundry, at least, on a clean floor.

I just stubbed my little toe on a wild toy animal trying to navigate around this mess. That was after I finished crawling around on my hands and knees picking up cracker crumbs from the spilled snack bowls (which I ate as I went). The carpet was vacuumed two days ago, though you would never believe that if you saw it now.

I flushed three different toilets, all with pee in them (obviously not from my twins). My husband and 8-year old must have had their minds elsewhere during their morning routines. Pee… I hate Pee. (Don’t even get me started on poop).

I’m pulling clean dishes out of the dishwasher to be used immediately, since they are clean but haven’t had the time to make it to the cupboards. If they had, I wouldn’t have two sinks full of dirty dishes now waiting for a place to go.

I have boxes full of paperwork needing to be filed or shred which have sat in the same place for months. Several stacks are occupying a laundry bin, which I could be using to put the clean clothes in if it were available.

The chaos is no longer controlled.

I just texted my husband, who is working out at the gym after a long day at work, warning him of the condition of the house (and to watch out for that wild toy animal while trying to avoid the other crap on the floor.)

At least all three children are now in bed, happily singing at the top of their lungs.

Since I stopped drinking alcohol 6 months ago (what was I thinking) I guess I’ll settle for herbal tea with organic raw honey and a chair outside on my porch (which is surprisingly still clean!)

I’ve officially joined them.