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Life is like climbing a hill. We work our way upward with the goal of reaching the top. Here, we plant our flag. Here we will find our perfect and permanent home.

We begin our journey at the start of our life. We grow, learn, develop new skills and explore our gifts. At first, we believe that the way up the hill is fair and perfect for all. As the journey continues, however, we may start to question whether this is true?

We continue to age as we climb. We reach many mile markers along the way. We meet friends, we may marry, have children, and work. We celebrate reaching milestones with those around us. Suddenly, the journey isn’t just about ourselves. We have loved ones to be concerned about. Do we help them along the way?  What about the strangers we meet. Do we help them too?

Some look at the hill as a journey. Others look at the top as a destination. Some will be a crutch for those in need. Others will walk right past without noticing those that have fallen. Some will walk simply. Others will pick up extra weight and baggage along the way. Do we offer to help? Do we share what we have?

Some walk slowly, taking note of the view as they go. Others run quickly to the top, as if the hill is a race. Is there a winner at the end? Is the winner the first one to arrive or the one whose journey was most influential?

Some will fall down as they meet bumps in the hill. Some may stand in the same spot for a while to catch their breath. Some may even be content with their current position, and give up on climbing any further. Injury may slow us down. We may fall to our vices. Do we stop and give support or do we feel that everyone is responsible for their own journey?

Some may stumble back down the slope of the hill with the option to begin again. Do we start over or do we give up? What happens to those that never make it? What does it say about those that do?

Sometimes it’s hard to see the top. It gets foggy and clouded. It’s easy to lose faith that the top is even there. Yet, as long as we keep moving upward, we are always able to see further.

We may realize the importance of stopping to look back at how far we’ve climbed. It may not have always been easy, but it has gotten us to our current position. Others may shut their eyes to their past and focus only ahead.

The closer we get to the top, the clearer we see our destination. When we finally reach the top, we can see in clear view the journey that we have made. Is it one we are proud of? Are there times along the way that we would change if we could?

I do not know when I will reach the top of my hill, but I am walking. I am grateful for those walking the hill of life with me and will do my best to make my journey one to be proud of.