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As some of you know, I began this blog (http://allowmein.com) many months ago and my dedication to it has waned during my busy life and our recent move. After some thought and the limiting of other sources of social media, I’ve decided to re-devote my time to this. This blog has been a helpful source of meditative thought for me and hopefully an enjoyable read for you.

It’s interesting how society today has become so consumed by social media. Many of us are so accustomed to this high level of constant stimulation, we don’t know what to do with two minutes of complete silence. I have to admit, I am one that NEEDS silence in my day. Noise and over stimulation drives me crazy and makes my anxiety climb above a workable threshold.

So we have set some ground rules at our home. Most recently, limiting computer and cell phone use during the day. I refuse to talk to my husband with a computer or cell phone in between us, though he has tried to convince he that he can multitask by having a conversation with me while looking at Facebook. I am certain our children automatically assume that we are inaccessible if a phone or computer is holding our focus, even if we are just browsing the internet. Why wouldn’t they? No cell phones are allowed on the dining room table. Our children already have to stay at the table until everyone is finished eating before they are excused. Next up, no television while eating. (That one won’t be popular, but it’s amazing what happens when you turn that darn thing off!)

I now receive instant messages from variety of sources, chats, emails, voice mails, and I can’t keep up. We’ve moved into our new home nearly three months ago, and I just yesterday figured out how to get the voicemail off of our home phone line. Not to mention, nobody ever uses the same sources of communication. One time they text, the next they leave an instant message. I’m a mother to toddler twins and a 7-year old. I’m lucky to catch any phone that is ringing on time and that’s if I figure out what phone it is. There are so many things ringing I can’t tell if it’s a phone, the doorbell, the television, or the alarm system. (Thankfully, we’ve limited the noise making toys to nil or I would already be locked up somewhere.)

I have so many email accounts now, I can’t even find the important emails I need. The ones that say whether we’ve sold the other house we still own that we are anxiously waiting to sell, that would be good to know. For now, we can’t afford to buy all the other stuff you catalog folks are emailing me.

Lastly, I have three children who don’t stop talking. When I do have time to check any source of social media, I’d prefer to write about all the silly things I’ve heard my children say, the wonderful lessons I’ve learned from them today, the interesting observations we’ve made driving in the car (without the radio or DVD players on) and how our family is learning to work day-to-day in this media-centered world.

So for now, the updates on my family with be at my blog: http://allowmein.com. Please feel free to leave your comments, as not only do I enjoy reading them, other bloggers do too! If you would like to be notified by email when I post something new, please hit the “Follow” button.

In peace & silence (the children are napping),