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There are many evenings when I sit in the quietness of my home, breathing deeply and at peace knowing that my family is safe and at rest. I listen to the birds sing as they settle in for their evening sleep. The winds gently blow the flowers outside the window and the sunset covering the sky is a beautiful palette of reds. Tomorrow will be another beautiful day.

I wonder if my children will always values these same small things in the world. The fireflies in the sky that we watched last night, the barred or great horned owls we occasionally get to hear that I still will wake them up for. The flowers we pick from our overgrown garden to put on the table and the one strawberry-a-day (they all share) that seems to be just perfect from our strawberry plant. The baby bird nests we watched all spring from eggs to full-grown fledglings and the lullabies they still ask me to sing to them at night.

My children, unlike many around them, are not in a rush to grow up. In fact, my 7-year old doesn’t want to ever be adult. To be honest, I look around me at the world and I’m really not in a hurry for them to grow up either. I don’t want them to forget the little things that one day, may be the things that matter more to them then anything else.

With that said, it’s hard at times to keep their feet firmly planted in the dirt. It seems the world surrounding my home is in direct opposition of what I’m trying to hold my family to within it. The basic values of respect, love, appreciation, honesty, teamwork… those are bricks that hold our home together. Can we really teach the importance of those values enough that our children will hang onto them through the turbulence they will experience outside of our home as they grow up?

It often seems there are many forces against me, as a parent. As I look outside now, the sun has set and the “firefly show” has begun. (As my oldest would say, “we need to make some popcorn!”) I have faith in my children that they will always see the beauty of the world and of what they are to become. Sweet dreams my dear children. Mommy loves you.