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I name God as my higher power, the One who gives me purpose for my life. I’m well aware that other religions have their own and I will honestly admit, I believe these are all the same. I do not think that my God will only save the Christians of the world. There are people of all religions, and those who may not define themselves religiously at all, that use their gifts to love and serve the earth, world, and all those within it that God will not spare.

I believe that every person was born with special gifts from God. They are on this earth for a purpose. Determining and using their gifts to make the world a better place is the reason for life.

I am the mother of identical twin daughters. What amazes me is that these two beautiful children have exactly the same genetics, the same DNA, shared the same blood supply & nutrition during pregnancy, developed in the same placenta, from the same fertilized egg. Science can explain all of this. I’ve read about it during my pregnancy (wondering how in the heck this happened). The timing of fertilization, when the cell divides, whether there is one sac or two, one placenta or two, all are part of this development.

My daughters, born naturally and 4-minutes apart, are two very different children. They have been so from that special day they were born. They look similar, but their personalities, mannerisms, the sound of their voices and cries, and temperaments are very different. This cannot be explained by science. This is not nature versus nurture, as this difference was clear immediately. They have never been separated and nurtured only by us, their parents.

This is why my daughters, though genetically the same, are not identical in God’s eyes. They are both meant to be here at this time, but both with their own set of gifts to make their personal imprint on the world. That is for them to discover. They will discover their purpose for life and will bless the world with their gifts.

I also believe in freewill. Every person that has been alive was born on this earth by God, each with gifts for a better world. God’s pathway has been laid, but it doesn’t mean it’s an easy one. There are crossways and temptation in this pathway of life that often leads to other roads. I’ve always been able to find my way back. Others may deviate for long periods of their life. Some will be lost their entire lifetime.

For me, it’s the spiritual pathway (one that is personal, nonpublic, and nonpolitical) that I walk with my creator and my contribution to this world that’s important. I want to be proud of the hindsight that I see at the end, when my life is in clear perspective. That is what I will be accountable to, that is what I will teach my children, and what will matter to me and to the loving God that I know.