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I am a person in life that everyone dumps on. I am, however, rarely listened to. Maybe that is the purpose for this blog. I have three children who naturally dump on me. They are innocent and I don’t expect them to listen to my frustration or thoughts. My husband walks in the door looking like he has listened to more people than he can already handle, but he often needs to dump. I have somehow managed to place myself as the “go-to” person among my parents and siblings when problems arise, thereby often leading to more dumps. My friends are generally the same. Not always, but many times, I have no place left to go. I end up feeling like I’m buried in a landmine full of everyone’s (including my own) problems, frustrations, hurt, and pain. Can someone please find me a shovel?

I’m not a perfect person. I don’t have all the answers in life. If I did, I certainly wouldn’t put myself at the bottom of this pit. I’m not one that is naturally run over in life. I’m a fighter, but I tend to take on more than I can handle at times. It is out of sincerity and generosity that I listen to those I love, but I often forget about myself in this process. I forget that I too, need air to breathe. I need to see the sunlight of the day. I need time for me and time to rest. I also need and want to be heard. I need that damn shovel.