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One of the things I strive to do each day is to take time to be truly present in a moment. Often times this moment comes during the evening, before I am ready to say goodnight to the day and I check in on my children.

My oldest will be 7-years this spring. She was a beautiful infant and a feisty, strong-spirited toddler. She has grown into a genuine, loving child. She is brilliant and it’s easy to find yourself quickly backed in a corner. Her heart is always open and she wears emotions on her sleeves, despite her sometimes strong exterior. She follows very closely in her father’s footsteps. Whatever she chooses to do in her life, she will do it with great love and passion. She will not let anyone tell her otherwise.

After deciding whether we wanted another child (never underestimate the difficultly of raising a strong-spirited one), we became pregnant with identical twin girls. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I like having control in my life. This event (among others) reminded me who is in the driver’s seat in my life, and it isn’t me.

Two and a half years have gone by and my twin daughters continue to shower me with love. The oldest, by four minutes, is thoughtful, focused, and a thinker. She is the first to try new things, yet plays it safe. She is determined and likes to have her way. She is probably the most like me.

My youngest is a free spirit. She loves to laugh. She is silly and does things before she thinks. She learns from her sister, when she is ready to. She will take the leap, and deal with the fallout of it later. She is a fireball and is easily distracted out of fear of missing out. Her presence brightens a room.

As I watch them sleep, I am well aware that this moment that I have with them each night is precious. They lay safely in their beds, warm in their blankets, secure in their rooms, surrounded by love. I can go to bed and rest peacefully… tonight.

My mind knows what the future holds. There will be nights as they grow up and move out into the world that I may not know where they lay their head at night. I may not know if they are safe and warm. One thing I am certain of, the memories I’m creating with them now, each night, are the ones that will fill my thoughts and hopefully provide some peace to my future sleepless nights.