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The stages of life are an interesting thing. One starts as an infant needing the loving care of their parents for survival. They grow as toddlers and children looking to their parents for answers about the world around them. As teenagers, they question or doubt every answer their parents provide. In their 20s, they think they have life all figured out. I have parents that will tell you that I went through these stages as well.

I am now in my mid-30s with children of my own. Some point during this time, however, I took ownership of my own decisions. I recognized that my parents did the very best that they could in raising me. They loved me and provided me with everything they had to offer. My job was to now take the best of what that was, and to move on to something greater. It was to appreciate all that they did for me and to forgive them for their shortcomings.

My wish is that my children will see me in this light. I am certain that I am not a perfect parent. My hope is that one day my daughters will look back and see that I too, did the very best that I could. They will accept me for both my rights and my wrongs. They will take the best of the knowledge that I gave them and be able to see solutions for the areas that fell short. It’s then that I will know that I was a successful parent.